100 startups from 21 countries will compete at South Summit Madrid 2023 to be the most innovative project in the world

  • This year, the South Summit Startup Competition has broken its record of participation, with approximately 4,500 applications from 125 different countries, 80% of them of international origin.
  • Half of the finalist startups are Spanish, mainly from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, while the rest come mainly from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland.
  • The committee in charge of selecting the finalist startups has assessed criteria such as the degree of innovation, the scalability of the business, its growth potential, its attractiveness to investors and the capacity of the team.
  • Education, Fintech and Healthcare are the sectors with the largest representation in this Startup Competition.
  • South Summit, co-organised by IE University, will be held from the 7th to the 9th of June at La Nave in Madrid under the theme ‘Today 2030’.

Madrid . South Summit Madrid 2023, co-organised by IE University, has announced the 100 finalists of its Startup Competition, which this year has broken its record of participation. The finalists, from 21 different countries, will compete to be crowned the most innovative startup in the world during the eleventh edition of the event, which will take place from 7th to the 9th of June at La Nave in Madrid.

The 100 or so projects that have entered the final phase of the competition were chosen through a rigorous selection process from among the approximately 4,500 applications submitted from 125 different countries, a record number in the history of the competition. Of these nominations, 20% are Spanish and the rest come from abroad.

A committee of renowned investors and innovation experts has been in charge of this choice, basing their selection on criteria such as the level of innovation, scalability, internal growth potential, investment capacity and the characteristics of the team that makes up each startup.

The finalists will have the opportunity to pitch to the most relevant leaders and players in the ecosystem, including corporations and investment funds, as well as connect with other startups and learn first-hand about trends in the world of innovation.

Half of the finalist startups are of Spanish origin, mainly from Madrid, Barcelona and Valencia, while the other half come from abroad, with startups from the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy and Switzerland.

The finalist startups in the competition belong to leading verticals in the ecosystem, such as BizDev Tech, Connectivity & Data, Consumer Trends, Education, Enterprise, Fintech & Insurtech, Health, Industry 5.0, Mobility & Smart Cities, and Sustainability & ESG. For each of these industries, the selected startups were:

  1. BizDevTech: bookline, EASYSALES, Kotozna, linkhub.ai, Nirby, Noovo, Onirix, Personify XP, Plant on Demand.
  2. Connectivity & Data: Aritium, Artificial Intelligence AyGLOO, Build38, Cellgrid, Delta Protect, EarthPulse, FLock.io, FOSSA Systems, IoT Venture, PlayGineering. 
  3. Consumer Trends: Ani Biome, Bread Free, Corbiota, CUBRO Design, Gloop, Onego Bio, Platanomelón, Sepiia 2080, TALKUAL, Webel.
  4. Education: Academator, Bcas, DreamShaper, Educatchy, Goddard – Discovery, Griky, Kleverplay, Kuepa EduTech, Lingo Mii, Oxinity.
  5. Enterprise: Bcome, BizAway, HechicerIA, Hotelverse, Last.app, Metrikus, myReach, Sastrify, Soplaya, Zinkee.
  6. Fintech & Insurtech: Calvin Risk, CITEC, EthicHub, FANDIT, ONYZE DIGITAL ASSETS, Oveit, REPLICA, Reveni, Uelz, Woli.
  7. Health: ARTHEX Biotech, Fisify, Gate2Brain, IOMED MEDICAL SOLUTIONS, Legit.Health, MiMARK DIAGNOSTICS, MultiplAI Health, Omniscope, Overture Life, RetinAI Medical, Thyriscope.
  8. Industry 5.0: Altered Carbon, Enerbrain, FibreCoat, Nanostine, Neutroon, Ommo Technologies, Oscillum, PingThings, SOLATOM, Sunthetics.
  9. Mobility & Smart Cities: Acerca Partners, Astara Connect, FuVeX, HOMYHUB, Latitudo40, LEDCity, Postis, Sense Aeronautics, Tennders Europe, vialytics.
  10. Sustainability & ESGBeeHero, BLUBAT, Carbon Limit, CarbonSpace, CoCircular, DePoly, Lumio, Preflet, Recovo Lab, Up2You.

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