2nd Kathmandu- Kalinga Literary Festival (Kathmandu- KLF ) to be held on September 1,2,3, 2023 at Kathmandu, Nepal

Kathmandu- KLF introduce Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards to 15 writers in 15 categories from 2023 Over 400 writers, artists, performers will join the annual festival Kalinga-Kathmandu – Yashaswi Sahtiya Sanman to two writers from both Countries with NR 50,000 cash

Kathmandu: Kalinga Literary Festival to host annual Kathmandu- Kalinga Literary Festival  (Kathmandu- KLF )  on September 1,2,3, 2023. The three-day long schedule with a star line up of international and national writers. The authors will be taking part in a host of conversations, workshops, debates, panel discussions, straight talks, and more. The festival will host over 60+ sessions.

The festival is organized by Yashaswi Prangya Pratisthan, Himalayan Diary Pvt Ltd, Nepal and Kalinga Literary Festival from India. Annual Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) is one of the leading Literary festivals in World from India, from this year Kalinga Literary Festival (KLF) started Kalinga Literary Festival at Kathmandu.  Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival will strengthen the cultural dialogue, religious as well as literary perspective and prolonged relations between Nepal and India.

Yashaswi Prangya Pratisthan, Himalayan Diary Pvt Ltd, Nepal – Kalinga Literary Festival join hand for Kathmandu- Kalinga Literary Festival (Kathmandu- KLF) to celebrate the spirit of Lord Shiva and Gautama Buddha in the context of Nepal-India literary ties. The festival is focusing on the glorious literary, cultural, art traditions of Nepal, India.  The festival always focuses on Nepali literature, art , culture. 75 percent speakers in the Kathmandu-KLF will join from Nepal.

“From next edition Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival will introduce Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards to 15 writers in 15 categories. The awards are given in various categories including fiction and non-fiction books, poetry,  books in translation,   business and strategic affairs books, environmental books, biographical and autobiographical books, children books, sports, lifestyle and emerging trend books. Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards, established by Kathmandu -KLF   opens up the opportunities to identify, recognise, acknowledge, encourage and honour the literary talents across genres, for both established and new writers. The objective has been to shape the future literary icons. “,” said Ranjana Niraula, Kathmandu- KL, Director and Founding Member .

The books were selected from those submitted and nominated by publishers, writers across all categories. The winners will be felicitated and awarded during the annual Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival. The Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards will be conferred based on the recommendations by an independent award jury. The award consists of a prize, a trophy and a specially designed citation for display on the award-winning books.

Nepal Yashaswi Book Awards jury members have chosen the best thought provoking contributions across different categories published during the year. The purpose of the award is to contribute to debates and discourses in the national and global public sphere and encourage more thoughtful, reflective, unique and inspiring contributions. There will be dedicated sessions on these books by the authors and erudite reviewers to enrich the intellectual discussion at Kathmandu- Kalinga Literary Festival,” Rashmi Ranjan Parida, founder and director of Kalinga Literary Festival, said in a statement.

“Kathmandu – Kalinga Literary Festival will showcase literature, music, dance, poetry and other art forms. It will be a life time experience for the lovers of literature, Music, Dance, art, poetry . The Festival will celebrate the long-standing ties between Nepal and India in the context of the emerging global cultures,” said KLF Founder and Director, Rashmi Ranjan Parida.

“Like Frist Edition of Kathamandu- KLF, In upcoming edition we are planning to celebrate great Literary, Spiritual, Cultural Traditions of Nepal, among other aspects, theme of Shiv and Buddha Tatwa and its contribution to South Asia and global literary movements and traditions. The festival will have panel discussions on literature, Art, Culture, History, and showcase artistic traditions from Nepal and India, in addition to the world of Nepalese and Indian art and music,” said Ranjana Niraula, KLF-Kathmandu, Director and Founding Member.

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