Chinese President Xi Jinping meets US President Joe Biden in Bali

Chinese President Xi Jinping met U.S. President Joe Biden in person today in Bali, Indonesia amid heightened tensions and underscored the need to explore the “right way, set the right course for the China-U.S. relationship in a new era” and put it on an upward trajectory.

In his opening remarks, Biden said he and Xi had a responsibility to show their nations could “manage our differences”, prevent competition from becoming conflict and identify areas of mutual cooperation.

This was the first in-person meeting between both leaders since Xi – in his third term – emerged as the most powerful Chinese leader since Mao Zedong and Biden took office almost two years ago and was held a day before the G-20 summit is due to kick off.

According to statements released from both sides, the two presidents also exchanged views on the Taiwan issue, the Ukraine crisis and other issues.

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