COP27: UN Secretary-General urges parties to stand and deliver real solutions to solve greatest challenge facing humanity

As COP27 has reached its last day, The United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres urged the parties to rise to the urgency of the moment and agree on real solutions to solve the greatest challenge facing humanity.

Mr Guterres said in his speech that it is no time for finger-pointing but to make a difference, to stand and deliver.

The UN chief urged countries to deliver the kind of meaningful action that people, and the planet, so desperately need.

Guterres also asked for the delivery of the 100 billion US dollar annually in climate finance promised at COP15 in Copenhagen. He highlighted that the Parties must provide the support developing countries need to embark on a renewable energy and climate-resilient pathway.

Wealthy nations, including the United States, have opposed creating a new loss and damage fund to support developing countries ravaged by climate change for fear it could expose them to limitless liability for their historic contribution to greenhouse gas emissions.

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