Forgot To Remember, A poem by Monalisa Parida


A poem composed by Monalisa Parida

I forgot what I should remember,
I remember what I should forget.
The moments that I hold on dearly,
Are the ones that I do regret.

For if that never happened,
If I never felt
The way I felt for you
You never would matter
As a cloud that was just passing through.

It was that smile
The first time I saw it.
I knew,
I wanted to see it
For the rest of my life.
But it didn’t happen.

If I could make one wish
I would wish to go back to
Before us,
Before you,
Before the fire.
Which consumed me
And left me here.
To the ground.
Wallowing in the ashes
Searching for you
That used to be.


Bio of the poet: Monalisa Parida holds an M. A. in English literature and is an Indian Poet.

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