G-20 nations call for accelerated transformation towards sustainable, resilient agriculture & food systems and supply chains

G-20 nations have expressed deep concern over the challenges posed to global food security exacerbated by current conflicts and tensions and expressed commitment to taking urgent actions to save lives, prevent hunger and malnutrition. In a declaration issued after the G-20 Summit in Bali, the member nations called for an accelerated transformation towards sustainable and resilient agriculture and food systems and supply chains. The declaration expressed commitment to protect the most vulnerable from hunger by using all available tools to address the global food crisis. It said they will take further coordinated actions to address food security challenges including price surges and shortage of food commodities and fertilizers globally. The member nations also extended support to the international efforts to keep food supply chains functioning under challenging circumstances.

Referring to the Russia- Ukraine conflict, the declaration said it has adversely impacted the global economy. It added that most members stressed that the conflict is causing immense human suffering and exacerbating existing fragilities in the global economy – constraining growth, increasing inflation, disrupting supply chains, heightening energy and food insecurity, and elevating financial stability risks. It added that it is essential to uphold international law and multilateral system that safeguards peace and stability.

Saying that it is a critical moment for the global economy, the declaration added that it is essential that the G20 undertakes tangible, precise, swift and necessary actions using all available policy tools to address common challenges.

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