Idyllic Walks! A poem composed by Monalisa Parida


A poem composed by Monalisa Parida 


The Moon and the stars

For all the night

I spent

Telling them

All my secrets,

My desires,

My purpose,

My truth.

But mostly

About the love

I have for you.

Some lost,

Some gained,

Some left,

Both positive and negative ways.

Some remembered,

Some forgotten,

Some built walls

And some surrendered

As for me

I found you.

I wanted you

Within my infinite dreams.

In the supine splendor

Of everyday things

Idyllic walks after petrichor rains

Fingerprints on souls

Never left the same.

Smear on hearts

That will never be the same.

I will wait for you silently

Moments in between

A blackened chasm

And an abyss of nothingness.


You are not mine.


Bio of the poet: Monalisa Parida is a published poet, with good publication history in the literary realm, be it national or international. She holds a Master’s degree in English literature and hails from Odisha, India. 


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