Indian National Arrested in Nepal with Duplicate Ballot Papers Ahead of Elections

A 40-year-old Indian national has been arrested in Nepal on charges of carrying some 15,000 fake ballot papers, four days ahead of the November 20 polls in this country, police said on Wednesday.

The Himalayan country is going for elections for the federal Parliament as well as the provincial assemblies on November 20.

A team of Nepal Police arrested Izaajat Ahmed from Jagannathpur Rural Municipality of Parsa district in southern Nepal.

Ahmed is a resident of West Champaran district, Bihar, who was arrested with some 15,000 duplicate ballot papers in his possession, according to the Nepal Police statement.

He was heading towards Nepal from India carrying the ballot papers for provincial and parliamentary elections on a motorbike when the police caught him, it said.

Ahmed was using a motorbike with an Indian registered number plate to carry the ballot papers.

The police have launched further investigation into the matter after taking him into custody. It is not known yet which political party or individual he was taking the ballot papers for.

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