Justice Denied, A poem by Dikshya Khadka

Justice Denied 


We walk and they walk among us.

We played with them and they played with us.

We see them violating us.

We see them on every corner.

We try to look away but they come near us.

They talk about their dreams

And virtues, but they lied to us.

We fought back but they crushed us.

We fought harder and they crushed us.

But there will be a time for a fight

When the insanity among us dies.

That will be the time when we will be truly fine.

We will never forget this.

We will never forget this.

You preach about a good life.

The epitome of success is only your rhyme

But you are locked up in your confines

And you chase the pretense of time.

Only if you could move the light of life

Would you have been able to see

The darkness of your desires.

Only then would you have realized

Your promising lies.

I see you and your darkness taking over my spine.

It’s an after effect that hurts my pride.

You have taken my liberty to thrive.

You will live on but we will only have the freedom to fly.

The freedom you so despised.

The flapping of the wings will burn your desires

And we will crawl in your spine.

We will penetrate your mind if there is justice denied.


Bio of the poet: Dikshya Khadka is currently working as a faculty in Nepal Business College, Biratnagar, Nepal. She is aspiring to be an academician and contribute in Nepal’s education system. She loves to read and write about social justice.


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