Ladakh: Most glamorous, adventurous Chader trek on frozen river kick started

In Ladakh, the most glamorous  and adventurous Chader trek on the frozen river kick start from today. Decision of starting Chader trek was taken after the Leh administration made detailed assessment of the preparations needed on the part of various departments like Tourism, Wildlife, UTDRF, District Disaster Response Force, Health, Police along with the other stakeholders. With commencement of this trek, the winter tourism has begin in the Union Territory.

AIR Leh Correspondent reports that Chader trek is a famous tourist attractions in Ladakh, during the extreme climatic conditions of winter season. This   provides unique experiences to adventure lovers and trekkers while testing their endurance in freezing temperatures  by walking on the  frozen Zanskar River. The Walking on the frozen river filled with adventurous of  night stay in caves  and open sky camps on the trekking routes offer thrilling experiences for the trekkers. Permission for this ensuing trekking season is granted  to trekkers only after physical fitness certified by medical officer in Leh.

The District Disaster Management Chairman has also issued an advisory for trekkers for their safety. It has strongly advised the trekkers not to consume alcohol during the performance of trek so as to avoid severe medical  consequences. The Advisory further strongly recommend to  spend  the first night of trek at Tsomo Camp for further  acclimatization and for  medical attention if need. It also recommends not to jump into the icy River to stay away from chance of hyperthermia and medical emergencies.

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