Living in the shoes of others, A poem by Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)

Living in the shoes of others 

 Composed by Rajendra Ojha (Nayan)


Being the most intelligent species of this world,

We lose mindfulness of our ‘Self’s’ timeless beauty.

And like a Musk that can’t find its own perfume, we curled,

Adopting others, forgetting our nature designated duty.


People say, they wish to live in your shoes, dear bird

But wait, are your wings unbound in the sky like they say?

Foraging the food for yourself, and your nestlings

A lot of time, ‘heavenly assets’ is what you’ve to pay. 


Living in the shoes of others makes us resemble a zombie-

Losing the identity letting oneself willfully into swampy omens. 


Bio of the poet: Mr. Rajendra Ojha received his bachelor’s degree in International Relations from the University of Warsaw and has graduate in Development Economics in 2020. Mr. Ojha composes poems, gazzals, and essays in both English and Nepalese languages, in addition to doing research and providing training. His writings are generally concerned with metaphysical and epistemological questions. When it comes to poetry, many of his poems are based on psychological perspectives of human existence or on philosophy of ethics and morality.

His philosophical writings and poetry have been extensively published in national and international newspapers from countries such as Nepal, India, China, Mexico, Myanmar, Nigeria, Russia, and the United States of America, among others. He has two books of poetry published in his name. His debut anthology, ‘Through the World,’ published in 2011, was centered on experimental poetry genres. Similarly, his second anthology, entitled ‘Words of Tiger,’ was released in 2019 and comprises a collection of his philosophical and psychological poems. His poetry, written in both Nepalese and English, have appeared in two academic resource books for secondary and higher secondary students in Nepal.


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