LOVE IS A BIG TRAP, A poem by Ranjit K. Sahu


A poem by Ranjit K. Sahu 


Look no beyond the gardens of mid-spring

On a day filled with the fragrance of flowers

Vibrant in their colored petals they sing

Enthused by the passions of fresh lovers.


Invitations for romance fly in air,

Scattering the bees among the blossoms

And many end up in solemn affairs

Buried in hugs of luscious flush bosoms.


Intense feelings oft drag a yearning heart,

Grabbing its beats and tying it in false bonds,

Tethered to commitments it falls apart,

Reeling in tragedy as it desponds

Agonized in spider webs some bees die

Paying a price for love they truly try !


Bio of the Poet: Ranjit K. Sahu is a poet and visual artist based in the United States.

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