Maldives court sentences former President Abdulla Yameen to 11 years in prison for money laundering, bribe

The criminal court of Maldives has sentenced former President Abdulla Yameen to 11 years in prison after being found guilty of money laundering and bribery. Mr. Yameen was accused of abusing his position and taking a USD 1 million bribe from a private company to facilitate the sale of Aarah for resort development.

Mr. Yameen, who lost power in 2018, was sentenced to five years in jail and fined 5 million dollars in 2019 for embezzlement in state funds. After his sentencing, Yameen was shifted to house arrest in 2020 but was freed months later.

Since his release, the former President has returned to active politics with a campaign against Indian influence in Maldives. It is significant to note that for the 2023 elections in the archipelago, Mr. Yameen will be the Presidential candidate of the Progressive Party. Strategically located in the Indian Ocean region, Maldives is a focal point for competition between India and China over influence in the region.

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