Nepal Bans Imports from 16 Indian Pharma Companies for Flouting Norms

Ahmedabad-based Zydus Lifesciences, Divya Pharmacy, the manufacturer of yoga guru Baba Ramdev’s Ayurvedic Patanjali products, and IPCA Laboratories are among the 16 companies in the list published by the Nepalese regulator.

New Delhi: Nepal’s Department of Drug Administration has banned imports from 16 Indian pharmaceutical companies on grounds that they do not comply with the World Health Organisation (WHO)’s mandatory ‘good manufacturing practices’.

Haridwar-based Divya Pharmacy, a company promoted by Baba Ramdev, is also on the list of banned companies. The others include Radiant Parenterals Ltd., Mercury Laboratories Ltd., Alliance Biotech, Captab Biotec, Aglowmed Limited, Zee Laboratories Ltd, Daffodils Pharmaceuticals Ltd, GLS pharma Limited, Unijules Life Science Ltd, Concept Pharmaceuticals Pvt, Shree Anand Life Sciences Ltd, IPCA laboratories Ltd, Cadila Healthcare Ltd, Dial Pharmaceuticals, Aglowmed Limited, and Mackur laboratories Ltd.


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