Seven vessels carrying agricultural products leave Ukraine’s seaports under Black Sea Grain Initiative

Seven vessels carrying agricultural products have left Ukraine’s seaports under the Black Sea Grain Initiative. The Ukraine’s Infrastructure Ministry has said that the ships, which departed from the ports in the southern Odesa region, will deliver 287,400 tonnes of goods to the countries in Asia. Since the grain initiative came into effect on August 1, Ukraine has exported 12.7 million tonnes of foodstuffs via its seaports. The Ministry has also noted that the third ship entered the Odesa port for loading under a separate program “Grain from Ukraine”. The vessel will deliver 25,000 tonnes of wheat to Somalia. The Ministry said, Ukraine plans to send more than 60 vessels with wheat to countries in need by may next year under the “Grain from Ukraine” humanitarian programme. The deal, which was due to expire on November 19, was extended last month for another 120 days.

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