Songs of Love and Grace, A poem by Bam Dev Sharma

When stars twinkle

Like bright colorful string

The pensive bluish lake water


Like dots of memory….



The moon lit leaves

Look dazed in silvery glare

Numb with dew

Ruffling with windy frill



Dreams simmer

And float

Like spewing glint of smoke

Gliding …



Life seems a colorful doll

Decked on cascade

And wounds and scars

Seem to be burnt ….


Songs of love and grace


And children holler in the yard

Bemused in delight!


Bio of the poet: Bam Dev Sharma is a faculty at Ratna Rajya Laxmi Campus, Kathmandu, Nepal. He has been teaching poetry to graduate students. He is a poet and children’s writer. Several  of his  books  have been published internationally and reviewed by eminent scholars and poets. He is working on his two forthcoming books .

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