Sparkling Comets, A poem by Monalisa Parida


A poem composed by Monalisa Parida 


Give me wings

I can fly as high as possible

To touch the firmament, the Moon and the stars

And bring for you sparkling comets.


Hold me in your arms

Whenever I am weak

And I need to feel your touch.


Solemnize me with your Sagittarius bow and arrow

So that my heart is pierced through its chambers,

By graffiti in the celestial dome.


Laud me in your mind

So I will never be forgotten,

That my memory will touch over your lips.


And like a snowflake

You melt on tip of my tongue.


Bio: Monalisa Parida is a published poet, with good publication history in the literary realm, be it national or international. She holds a Master’s in English and hails from Odisha, India. 


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