Talks underway on Agnipath scheme between India and Nepal: Nepal Ambassador

Nepal’s Ambassador to India Shankar Prasad Sharma on August 31 said talks are underway between India and Nepal over the recruitment process of Gorkhas under India’s Agnipath scheme.

This remark comes after Nepal recently stopped the recruitment of Gorkhas under the Agnipath scheme.

Speaking to ANI, Prasad said, “Nepal has stopped Agniveer recruitments for a while as they are negotiating, talking with different political parties. A decision will be made soon… The commander-in-chief of Indian Army is also going to visit Nepal.”

On the status of Indo-Nepal border talks, the envoy said, “There are two issues. One is a boundary issue that has been there for the last several years. We call it no man’s land because of the repair of pillars. That will be seen by the boundary working group.”


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