The Road to London and The Breaks, two poems by John Drudge

1. The Road to London


He sought to question


Down to the small hairs

On the back of his hand

And thought about

The dull grey sky

On the road to London

From Bath

Through rolling green scenes

Where rain

Fell onto pavement

And ran

Into Roman ditches

Toward the center

Of his imagination

The center of gravity

Where time began

Through monoliths

In the countryside

Over wild white horses

Etched in the hills

The spiritual heart

Of all that we were

Before the sun went down

In front of him

And night fell over

The city

As he arrived


2. The Breaks


With the sound

Of falling water


On a tattered wind

Of constant change

We strive toward

Each new inch

Of tomorrow’s


Behind the screams

Of the sun

Burned into clouds

In the shattering sky


Bio of the poet: John Drudge is a social worker working in the field of disability management and holds degrees in social work, rehabilitation services, and psychology.  He is the author of four books of poetry: “March” (2019), “The Seasons of Us” (2019), New Days (2020), and Fragments (2021). His work has appeared widely in numerous literary journals, magazines, and anthologies internationally. John is also a Pushcart Prize and Best of the Net nominee and lives in Caledon Ontario, Canada with his wife and two children.


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