The Stupa on the Mountain, A Poem by Ranjit K. Sahu

The Stupa on the Mountain

A Poem Composed by Ranjit K. Sahu 


Up where the woods thin out

Into vast emptiness and silences

Of the mountains


And colored flags flutter in the winds

Strung in hordes with chants

Spraying peace in the tanned air.


The saffron and magenta figures

Precariously ascend the rocks

Seeking the company of eternal bliss


As the chimes sing out in their voices

Of infinite peace

In the expanses of untrodden mountains

Let there be peace.


Carry not your wars there

Bring back the footprints of peace

Tucked away in your luggage

That you deem are worth carrying

With you henceforth and beyond.


Bio of the Poet: Ranjit K. Sahu

Charlottesville VA

United States


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