Time, An Odia poem in English



Waving a hand means

Tying up time onto the wall.


Waved my hand many a time

But could I bind up the time

On the body of the Moon hanging over the wall?  

Could I put a hold

To that moment,

For me pushing into past

At all never was my wishes!


With the morning broom

Which she snatched away from me

Could not sweep away till now

All the dreams from her eyes,

In her innocent glance

Counting over my longevity

That I will be vanished away far one day

Behind veil of that vision

In maze of illusion,

Was not the subject of my imagination!


Flows down as time

Into my dreams, eyes

To the cavern of chest

Onto morning, evening, summer time

Onto the early monsoon,

Even if beckoned

Not going to stop now

Time on that wall or 

Does not remain mortgaged on

The bosom of the full Moon,  

The darkness of new Moon!


Like changing of seasons

Like flowing of river

Like finished rough copy

Like emitting fragrance of memories,

She must have changed now

From blue skirt with white shirt

To perhaps reddish coloured salwar suit,

From bluish coloured ample  dreams 

Onto perhaps poetry of green saree!


Over wings of age

Suffering from flying dreams,

On untimely silence 

But I see my life span

In her innocent sight. 

Leaves at each step, 

Stories of childhood!


She never cares

About time,

Waiting throughout night even now

Turns she sides,

In dazzling night

Sees my smokey face ,

Mesmerizing on that milky dreams

On the first touch of that dawn

Taking birth anew

Giving me a new lease of life

In the twilight of last darkness!


Odia poem @ Mrugesh Baisnab Panigrahi

English changeover @ Ashutosh Meher

[email protected] Kumar Ray


Bio: Dr. Alok Kumar Ray hails from Kendrapara district of Odisha, India. Though he is a lecturer by profession, he writes poems both in English and Odia regularly. He has published a number of poetry books both in English and Odia, his poems got published in many national and international magazines  and anthologies. He also attended a great number of poetry festivals organized at the national level.

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