U.S. mid-term elections to take place on November 8

In the forthcoming mid-term elections in the United States on Tuesday, November 8, all 435 seats in the House of Representatives are being contested, while 35 are up for grabs in the Senate. Though Democrats currently hold both chambers of Congress, they are expected to lose the House and are in a dead heat for control of the Senate, according to polls.

The outcome of the elections will determine the composition of the US Congress and the power structure in three dozen states. It will shape the rest of Joe Biden’s presidency, and also impact America’s posture towards the rest of the world. It will also set the stage for the 2024 Presidential Elections in the county.

Midterms are often seen as a referendum on the sitting president, and with Mr. Biden’s approval hovering at 40 per cent, Republicans have found plenty to criticise as Americans worry about high inflation, guns, and immigration.

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