War, A poem by Chandra Chapagain

Have you ever been into any war? 

World war? Civil war? Cold war?

Have you ever carried a gun on your shoulder?

And blood of a newborn baby in your heart?

Warmth of your wife’s goodbye kiss in your lips?

In the swamps of a foreign land?

Have you ever managed to keep fire’s heart in icy ribs?

A few photos of her 

And air tight orders of your commander 

In a same pocket? 

Have you ever been into a dilemma of 

Being a husband and a soldier at a time?

A father and a soldier at a time? 

Only those who return alive from the battlefield 

Know what a family means.

Life is not an avalanche painted in a cozy room.


Bio of the poet: Chandra Chapagain writes in both English and Nepali and he is interested in Literature, law and history. 

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