What Fun Looks Like! A poem by Kumar Ghimire

What fun looks like! 

A poem by Kumar Ghimire


A  playful smiling child says

Fun looks like shiny rays

Everything becomes apparent and clear 

Fun looks like melody to hear 


Hot like fire, cool as moon

Fascinating and beautiful 

As blossoming flowers in June

Sweet like music played in tune


 Fun looks like cold wind

A scenery entertaining the mind 

It looks like dancing rain, 

Sleep after relief from pain


Hearing his voice and word

Thinking about his deeds, I am so old. 

A smiling child taught me fun

It is like rays reflecting the sun.


Bio of the poet: Kumar Ghimire writes in Nepali and English. He is a first semester student of BBA at Nepal Business College, Biratnagar, Nepal. 

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