Who will stop the rains? A Poem Composed by Vandana Kumar

Who will stop the rains?

A poem composed by Vandana Kumar


It is 2am
The streets are sloshed with rain
It’s sort of been
An overkill

Rains were everything we wanted
On our own time
Not in the month of melons
And watermelons

Getting us to involuntarily shut doors
And windows
While the despots rule outside

The good rains
On a good earth
Feels suddenly so wrong
I look out at the wetness

I love the mathematics of these times
So I do singular counts
Of puddles
Those on streets
Allegedly with recent reparation

A sum of the number of people
Wearing raincoats
In the dead of the night
Inside their homes

And outside the purview
Of this count
The refugees…

If they possess an umbrella
It is usually one
On which
The fury of thunder
Has already danced

~ Vandana


Bio of the poet:

Vandana Kumar is a French teacher, translator, recruitment consultant, Indie Film Producer, cinephile and poet in New Delhi, India. Her poems have been published in national and international websites of repute like ‘Mad Swirl’, ‘ ‘Grey Sparrow Journal’, ‘The Piker Press’, ‘Dissident Voice’,  ‘Borderless journal’, ‘Madras Courier’, ‘Outlook’ etc. She has featured in literary journals like ‘Fine Lines’ and anthologies like ‘Harbinger Asylum’, ‘Kali Project’‘But You Don’t Look Sick’ etc. Her cinema articles appear regularly in ‘Just-cinema’ and Daily Eye. Her debut collection of poems ‘Mannequin Of Our Times’ was published in February 2023.The book has been awarded The Panorama International Book Award 2023.

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