Nepal sends two large Shilas (stones) from the banks of the Gandaki river to Ayodhya which will be used to make idols of Ram and Sita

Two shilas, around seven feet long and weighing over 350 tonnes, from Nepal’s Kali Gandaki river are set to arrive at Ayodhya, where they will be used to carve the idol of Lord Ram, said the priests from Janaki temple (Janakpur),  Nepal..

In December 2022 we got a clearance from the government of Nepal to send two shilas and a Dhanush to India. On January 15th we did a shilapujan. These two shilas will now be loaded on a truck and first sent to Janakpur for people to do darshan and then on January 30th, it would leave for Ayodhya. We expect it to reach Ayodhya on February 1st, and I will be there to personally hand it over

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