France, Spain, South Korea & Israel joins countries imposing Covid tests on travellers from China; WHO defends restrictions as ‘understandable’

World Health Organization chief has defended the decision of countries introducing restrictions in response to China’s Covid-19 surge as ‘understandable’.

In view of the lack of information from Beijing, WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus also urged China to be more forthcoming on the pandemic situation in the country.

Mr. Tedros said, in order to make a comprehensive risk assessment of the Covid-19 situation on the ground in China, the WHO needs more detailed information. His comments came after several nations are imposing Covid tests on travellers from China.

France, Spain, South Korea and Israel have joined countries imposing Covid tests on travellers from China, after Beijing’s decision to relax its zero-Covid policy. China is easing travel restrictions that it had since the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic despite a surge in cases.

China has said it will fully reopen its borders on the 8th of January. Beijing’s move prompted the US, Italy, Japan, India, Malaysia, and Taiwan to impose checks on arrivals from China.

Spain’s Health Minister Carolina Darías said, it will be pushing for similar measures at a European level.

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