International Apparel & Textile Fair kicks off in Dubai

The International Apparel & Textile Fair (IATF) has returned to Dubai in 2023, for its 15th edition. The fair is known as the premier platform for sourcing apparels, fashion fabrics, prints, clothing accessories, home textiles, footwear and more in the UAE. This year’s event will showcase the Spring Summer Collections & Autumn Winter Highlights of 2023-2024. With over 200 exhibitors from 22 countries, IATF aims to expand with each exhibitor becoming a major influence in UAE’s Fashion scene.

The event attracts a wide range of Textile Mills, Garments Manufacturers, Accessories/ Trim Suppliers, Print Designers, and major Footwear manufacturers. IATF provides manufacturers and their agents an opportunity to showcase their products to the most influential buyers and designers in the Middle East & North Africa (MENA) Fashion sphere.

As a primarily “trade only” event, and a B2B platform, IATF provides a professional and conducive atmosphere for business and networking. The event has been designed as a quality exhibition for the fashion business in the UAE, in response to the need for a dedicated trade exhibition in Dubai. With its 15th edition, the IATF aims to continue to be a major influence in the fashion industry and provide a platform for industry professionals to connect and showcase their products.

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