US to work with Bangladesh, partners for a free & open, secure & resilient Indo-Pacific region- Ambassador Haas

The United States shares with Bangladesh the vision of a free, open, peaceful, secure and inclusive Indo-Pacific region as described by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina at the 2021 Paris Peace Forum, said US Ambassador Peter Haas in Dhaka on Monday. Underlining the five key elements that it seeks to build together with Bangladesh and other partners, Ambassador Haas said that the US wants to see an Indo-Pacific region that is free and open, interconnected, prosperous, secure and resilient.

Addressing a panel discussion organised by the Bay of Bengal Conversation in Dhaka on Monday, Peter Haas said that Indo-Pacific is the most dynamic region in the world. It is home to more than half of the world’s people and nearly two-thirds of the world’s economy. What happens here affects the entire world. Ambassador Haas said that much of that future will be written in the Indo-Pacific region.

Clarifying the US position, he said that the US does not seek to force countries to choose sides but to ensure that the region is free and open so that countries can freely make their own choices. Ambassador Haas said that a free and open Indo-Pacific implies a region where goods and ideas and people will flow freely across land, cyberspace, and the open seas with governance that is transparent and responsive to the people.

Highlighting the contribution of Bangladesh to this cause, the US Ambassador referred to its commitment to the peaceful resolution of the land and maritime disputes making Bay of Bengal an example for the world to follow.

Ambassador Haas reiterated US commitment to strengthen democracy both at home and around the world. He said the US will continue to support universal human rights and stand in solidarity with those who seek freedom and dignity,

Hailing the launch of negotiations for the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF) as a novel economic arrangement to address 21st century challenges,Peter Haas said that its membership reflects the economic diversity of the region as well as the interconnectivity among partner countries that drives economic growth, job creation, and innovation. Quoting President Biden, Ambassador Haas said that IPEF is intended to be open and inclusive to others who wish to join in the future.

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