Traffic of Thoughts, A poem by Monalisa Parida


A poem composed by Monalisa Parida

Iced coffee 

Coldest day 

The fire

Only love wishes burn

In slow content.

You always loved 

Fresh red roses in vases

But I took a bunch

A few white, yellow, blue and purple ones

To offer you once. 

You praised the red roses 

For their loveliness 

But I always told you 

To love all roses

For they have the same 

Soft petals and fragrance

Though of different colors. 

This time when I offered 

Red roses on the soil

Under which you are 

In deep slumber below

The limitless indigo firmament 

And near kaleidoscopic sea,

The aroma of past memories 

And dream of future time

Got mixed up in rose smell 

And revived a strange feeling 

Of detachment to life. 

So love your past self

For going through so much 

But never losing hope 

For a better future. 

The effortless appearance of yours, 

Hits the suffocated traffic of thoughts, 

Returning such glee on my countenance!


Bio: Monalisa Pardia is a well known Indian Poet.

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